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Sophos Intercept X – Anti Ransomware with Root Cause Analysis

Ransomware is a type of computer malware designed to encrypt and block access to a computer system or data until a ransom payment is made to restore it, once you have been targeted your files encrypted at military grade level, there is no option but to pay the Ransom to gain access to your files, a typical payment would be a minimum of £1000, paying does not guarantee you will get your data back, or be targeted again in the future.

Ransomware is the number 1 malware attack affecting organisations today, research suggests that damages globally are set to rise, and cost users in excess of £1billion. Sophos Intercept X and CryptoGuard prevent spontaneous encryption of data and enables you to revert your files back to their safe states.

You've been hit! How did it get in, where did it go, what else did it touch and—most importantly—what should you do now? With Root Cause Analysis Sophos Intercept X provides detailed, forensic-level analysis of the root cause of attacks and their infection paths. It also offers prescriptive guidance to help prevent similar infections in the future enabling you to bolster your ongoing security provision.

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Key Benefits

  • Insights provide root cause of attacks, their infection paths and guidance to prevent future threats
  • CryptoGuard restricts risk of important data encryption and return them to their original format
  • Zero-Day attack prevention with Sophos Intercept X focuses on the small collection of techniques used to spread malware, rather than reply on signatures, saving you time and money
  • Extra-tough virus cleaners – Sophos Intercept X used in conjunction with Sophos Clean go the extra mile by not only removing the malware files but the malicious code and registry keys.

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