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Email Security And Spam Filtering With Sophos Secure Email Gateway and Sophos Email Appliance

As Cyber threats develop, email filtering is paramount to your network security. Email Gateways process inbound messages and filter out spam and malware whilst archiving and delivering the clean messages to the email server which then sends them onto the recipients.

Sophos Secure Email Gateway goes one further; simply and efficiently combating targeted threats and spear phishing. Sophos Secure Email Gateways are available either as a cloud-based service or as a hardware email appliance.

Using powerful cloud-based, next-generation sandbox technology, Sophos Sandstorm complements your Sophos Email Appliance by detecting, blocking, and responding to evasive threats. MIME type extension filters Block any unwanted content, and Sophos Time-of-Click Protection ensures every URL in every email is scanned, blocking malicious email URLs.

Using unique patent-pending SPX Encryption, the Sophos Email Appliance automatically and transparently digitally signs and Encrypts your sensitive email.

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About Sophos and Utilize Plc

Key Benefits

  • Fast setup and easy integration
  • Options for both cloud and appliance solutions
  • Easily management with endpoint, web and wireless through Sophos Central
  • Simple policy wizards
  • Remotely monitored by Sophos to ensure reliability
  • Proven antivirus and anti-spam – blocking up to 90% of spam at the gateway
  • Built-in reporting allows you to monitor the antivirus protection for all traffic, users and devices – fix problems fast and boost your performance
  • Automatic digital sign and encryption of your sensitive email with Sophos’ unique patent-pending SPX Encryption

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